TweeThingz is shutting down

Note, on Dec 1, 2022, the TweeThingz will be shutting down this service. This is mainly due to the lack of time to look after this service, and, to some degree, by where Twitter itself is heading. To preserve data, you can export your daily follower and friend metrics, either by using the Daily Summary page (counts only), or by using the API (full detail in JSON format). Thank you for using TweeThingz. Let me know any questions via

The TweeThingz service provides an insight into the composition and trends of your Twitter community. It does it using only a read access to your Twitter data and with great respect for its users privacy. The TweeThingz is free because it's optimized for cost of service. It user free Twitter API and it runs on Google Cloud, using technologies like Cloud Run and Firestore.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or @thingz_io.

Activity Analyzies

Activity Analysis

Analyze your followers and friends based on ratios and activity

Follower Monitoring

Follower Monitoring

Identify the accounts which have followed or unfollowed you

Trends Review

Trends Review

Review follower, friend, post, and like trends over time

Topic Sentiment

Topic Sentiment

Query and score Twitter sentiment for specific topic

Follow Recommendations

Follow Recommendation

Identify users to follow based on relevance to specific topic

Status Alerts

Status Notifications

Configure daily and weekly alerts based on followe status changes